College Crimes Public Urination

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Public Urination is one of the many types of College Crimes that a college student can be charged with. Date Rape Whether it is a homeless person with no availability to a public restroom or a drunk pedestrian making a irresponsible decision, someone commits the offense of public urination. It is more common than you think across the nation, and each city and state has there own law that prohibits the act of public urination. The most important thing to consider when charged with public urination is what type of crime or violation you have been charged with. In Philadelphia, the statute says, “it is unlawful to urinate or defecate on a variety of listed public and private properties”. A public urination offense holds a fine of $300, but if the person pays $50 within eight days of the offense the fines and penalties will be dropped. In some situations it is possible to have to register as a sex offender if one is convicted for public urination. This may occur due to indecent exposure or public lewdness as a result of the public urination ticket. This is a serious problem, as registering as a sex offender will be revealed in the event of a background check.

College Crimes such as Public Urination can have long lasting consequences on a college student. drug charges on college campus If you have been ticketed for public urination, or the corresponding crime of public lewdness, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney. One who is accused of public urination should not dismiss this accusation as no big deal. Consider consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will know how to appropriately handle your case and help advise you as to your options. The Bellwoar Kelly, LLPcan help you resolve your Public Urination offense and any other tickets/charges.

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