Criminal Conviction Can Wreck Your Academic Future

College is a once in a lifetime experience. Meeting new friends and starting a career path can feel like a breath of fresh air. Along with freedom comes the potential for legal trouble.

Our region is home to several colleges and universities, including Villanova, West Chester University and Cheyney University. This proximity has led to numerous opportunities for us to help college students avoid criminal convictions.

If you are a college student or the parent of college student who has been arrested by the police in West Chester or Reading, Pennsylvania, call Bellwoar Kelly, LLP. We offer free initial consultations and can answer all of your questions. Call 610-314-7066.

When Students Face Criminal Charges

Students who face charges are often simply pushed through the criminal justice system with no regard for their welfare or future. We don’t think this is right. Students should be looked at as complete people who are just beginning to achieve their potential. Often, jail time or suspension from school isn’t the answer.

We can work to defend you against a variety of criminal charges, including underage DUI, date rape, disorderly conduct and drug possession charges. Not only do these charges come with serious penalties like jail time and fines, but they also have the potential to affect a student’s good standing in school.

We also represent college students as they face university disciplinary proceedings and potential expulsion or suspension. There are federal rules school administrators must abide by when making disciplinary decisions. For instance, under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, students who struggle with psychological issues like depression, anxiety or other disorders are entitled to a special hearing.

Bellwoar Kelly, LLP Will Work To Protect Your Future

Our lawyers provide our clients with a comprehensive criminal defense strategy that takes the whole person into account. It’s important for us to understand the full picture.

Part of our work may involve examining police investigations for error. College students have a legal expectation of privacy in their dorm rooms. Police officers must abide by the law if they wish to search through students’ belongings. When serious evidentiary mistakes are made, charges may be dropped.

Too much is at stake to risk not having an attorney to guide you through the legal landscape of college crime allegations. Contact attorney Evan J. Kelly at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP at 610-314-7066 to get started on your case.