Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer before Self-Representation

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Criminal Defense

In Criminal Defense cases, Defendants who choose to represent themselves via self-representation instead of choosing to hire a defense lawyer are referred to as “pro se” and “pro per”. Pro se and pro per essentially means “for ones own person”. DUI DWI lawyer Someone who chooses to represent them-selves without the help of a legal attorney must understand what “for ones own person” truly means. Before representing oneself, you must prove that you are competent to work individually. Judges can use factors of the defendant, such as the age, level of education, the familiarity with English, and the seriousness of the crime charged. Defendants must also be aware and knowingly giving up their 6th amendment right to an attorney, while fully understanding court proceedings. Court proceedings for self represented defendants will proceed in the same manner as if an attorney was present. For this reason, self-representation is not recommended.

Criminal Defense cases are very complicated, so it is strongly recommended that an accused hire a Criminal Defense lawyer before self-representation. Expectations of defendants in criminal defense cases will be equal to that of an attorney. parole violations These realities can be added to the possible stress and hardship the case may bring a criminal defendant with an attorney much less one with no legal training trying to represent himself. Expectations include meeting all deadlines, attending hearings, filling out proper forms, abiding by rules of evidence, understanding legal language, speaking on your own behalf, and following all rules of the court. These expectations can be extremely overwhelming and in need of an experienced lawyer. If you are someone planning to self-represent or are considering to hire a lawyer, please consult one of our criminal defense attorneys. We are highly trained attorneys who are willing to represent those charged with crime, as we use our skills to bring forth the best results.

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