College Crimes Public Drunkenness

by | Nov 10, 2018 | College Crime

A conviction for College Crimes such as Public Drunkenness can reflect very poorly on a young man or woman attending college. Although it is not as serious a crime such as Driving Under the Influence or Possession of narcotics, it is a crime that carries significant negative connotations. Public drunkenness is graded as a summary offense in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Accordingly, a conviction for this crime can carry a maximum of 90 days incarceration and a $300 fine. school hearings Public Drunkenness can be found under Title 18 Section 5505 of the Pennsylvania crimes code. A person who is guilty of public drunkenness appears to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance in a public place. Public intoxication laws are put in place to prevent people from from disturbing others, or causing harm to themselves or others. However, these laws do require that these three elements are present in order to create a criminal charge; appearing to be, drunk or intoxicated, in public.

The main criminal element that the government must prove in Public Drunkenness cases is that the accused was drunk in a public place. If charged with public drunkenness, an accused can argue that he was not in a public place when he was cited. Specifically, being in a car or a home while drunk is not considered a public place.  College Crimes assault Additionally, an accused cannot be convicted of public drunkenness if he is asked to leave his house by the police and then charged with this crime. A summary offense or a sentence of fines are minor, however it may appear on one’s background. These charges can affect opportunities in your future, which is a great reason for you to reach out to an experienced lawyer. By hiring a defense attorney, you are able to protect your background, and keep a clean reputation for future positions such as education and employment.

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