Representation In School Disciplinary Hearings

When college students are convicted of crimes like DUI or sexual assault, college officials bring discipline proceedings. This can lead to the student being expelled or suspended.

These decisions are not always made in the best interests of the student. Often, more concern is given to the school’s policies and reputation. It doesn’t matter whether the student is a first-year undergraduate or a graduate student in his or her final year. Any conviction could lead to serious educational delays.

Often these students are struggling in other ways that the law and school officials don’t consider. Personal issues and medical conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression are common. These students don’t need expulsion; they need support.

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Negotiations With School Officials

In some cases, disciplinary decisions are made not after criminal arrests, but after violations of school codes of conduct. Perhaps a student is accused of plagiarism. Most likely, a school disciplinary hearing will be scheduled and the student will be asked questions. Your child has the right to an attorney and to be advised every step of the way.

Federal law has particular requirements that must be followed. This is especially important for those with learning disabilities. The rules are outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). A college education is a significant investment and shouldn’t be derailed by a single mistake.

Ramifications of a school suspension or expulsion can really take a toll on a child’s future. Not only will his or her current education be delayed, but a suspension could lead to expulsion from other organizations like fraternities or sororities.

Expulsion could have an effect on future admission decisions for medical school or law school. It could also damage efforts to secure certain kinds of employment. Your student needs a lawyer who understands how to investigate any criminal charge and can effectively negotiate with school officials.

Legal Help When You Need It Most

We can represent your child’s interests in any school hearing. We will work with you to ensure that your child’s education stays on track whether he or she attends Villanova, West Chester University or Cheyney University.

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