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by | Nov 18, 2018 | Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes such as Prostitution are illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Prostitution is defined under Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Crimes code as a defendant offering, engaging, or agreeing to any sexual acts in exchange for a form of compensation such as money or something else. Individuals who can be accused with this crime can include the alleged prostitute, those paying for the sexual services (Johns), and those who act as middle men “pimps”. Child Porngoraphy crimes Offering sexual services is considered a crime, however those paying for these services can also be charged with “solicitation of prostitution”. Additionally, prostitutes can be charged with solicitation for trying to get clients. Specifically, the crime of solicitation occurs at the moment two or more parties agree to have sex for the exchange of money, and the prostitute took some step, such as advertising on the internet to try and initiate the agreement.

Sex Crimes such as Prostitution are frequently not the only crimes that people engaged in the business of sex for only can be charged with. Other prohibited acts in Pennsylvania include loitering in areas where an individual is trying to hire a prostitute. Sex Crimes investigation Such acts as this can be considered an attempt. Additionally, if the prostitute is underage then an accused who engages in sex with her can be charged with Corruption of Minors and/or Endangering the Welfare of a child. Finally, defendants involved in the sex trade might be working as sex workers. Penalties and sentencing ranges for the crime of prostitution depend whether or not the accused has ever been convicted for the crime previously. The penalties that can result for a conviction are listed as misdemeanors of different degrees depending on an accused’s prior convictions. These charges and social representation can cause you to run into trouble in your future. Contact the Lawyers at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP today.

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