DUI refusal

by | Jun 9, 2019 | DUI

A Dui refusal is a term for when a suspect for a DUI refuses to consent to a breath or blood test. When an officer suspects an individual of driving under the influence (DUI), they will ask that individual to submit to some form of testing. defending DUI cases These include field sobriety tests, breathalyzer or blood tests. While the officer at the scene will deploy every tactic that they have to get you to submit to the tests, you are within your right to refuse to submit to testing. New laws have made it so that a conviction of a DUI refusal charge, which is what you will be charged upon refusal, will land individuals in the same place as if they had submitted to the tests and blown over the legal limits. However, there is a chance that a good defense attorney can help you win against the new charge. It is important to note that it depends entirely on the circumstances surrounding the DUI test refusal. In order to ensure that you receive the best outcome of your case it is important to seek legal representation to go over the facts of your case with you.

Field Sobriety tests are important in DUI refusal cases. The police procedures and guidelines for field sobriety tests are very strict. occupational limited license Police are human too and make mistakes. One of the first things a good defense attorney will look for is any errors that may have occurred during the procedure. If a mistake was made during the whole process, it might work to your advantage. Police must make it clear to what exactly will happen to you if you refuse to take the test and must give you a reasonable chance to take it. Failure to follow the proper guidelines or not understanding what you are required to do, and the consequences of what will happen for a test refusal if you do not comply can be a strong defense against a charge of refusal to submit to testing. If you have been charged with refusal to submit to a field sobriety test, it is important to get a good defense attorney who will help you go over the facts of your case in order to see if there is a possible defense strategy. The attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLPare experienced attorneys who will fight to get the best possible resolution given the facts of your case.

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