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by | Jul 28, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Another serious crime under the category of inchoate crimes and criminal defense is criminal conspiracy. Criminal conspiracy is defined under section 903 of the Pa criminal code. child porn cases Essentially a person is guilty of criminal conspiracy if they agree with another individual or individuals to engage in the commission of a crime. In general, a charge of criminal conspiracy is a separate charge from the crime at the center of the conspiracy. For instance, an individual can be charged with both conspiracy to commit murder and murder at the same time. A charge of criminal conspiracy can still be applicable even if the commission of the crime never actually takes place. The Commonwealth can convict an individual of criminal conspiracy even if the parties were just planning or preparing to commit a crime. Still, there are two elements that are essential for the Commonwealth to prove that a criminal conspiracy took place. There has to be some type of agreement between the parties and anyone who is involved must intend to commit the criminal act.

It is important to note that in conspiracy cases that involve criminal defense claims the government must prove that the agreement is a continuous one.  illegal searchAnyone who joins in the agreement, at any stage of the planning or preparation phase, will also be liable for any of the actions of the group. The statute does not set limits to how many con-conspirators there can be for one case. In addition, the statute does not require that the actions of the conspiracy need to target anyone or anything in particular, just that an agreement to commit an illegal act was made. Criminal conspiracy laws across the US can vary. Federal laws and other states including Pennsylvania, have been passed legislation to include an additional element of the conspirators taking some type of overt action to carry out the illegal act. Depending on the type of illegal act that is at the center of the conspiracy, a criminal conspiracy charge can be very serious. If you have been charged with a criminal conspiracy of any kind it is important to seek legal representation. The attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLPare experienced attorneys who will fight for the best possible resolution given the facts of your case.

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