Remembering an exceptional attorney and friend

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Dedication, loyalty and reliable guidance are tremendous traits in both a friend and an attorney. Mark Conte was both. It is always a tragic experience to outlive a loved one, but that does not mean you should dwell in the cost of your loss. Instead, celebrating the life our loved ones and what they brought into our lives is one of the greatest forms of cherishing their life.

When we are able to carry the good our loved ones left with us, then they are never truly gone from our lives. Now is the time to recognize what Mark Conte left in our lives.

Who Mark was to us

Many people in the community saw Mark as one of the best trial attorneys of Chester County. In fact, it was his work as a trial attorney that led him to becoming on of the first instructors for trial advocacy. His skills as an attorney also granted him success as an educator. He was engaging to his students and used his charisma to hold his classroom captive during his lessons.

Mark’s time as an attorney spanned decades and saw dozens of cases during his time in the D.A.’s office. His work helped see justice in hundreds of cases and prosecuted as many criminals. His work in the courtroom made it seem as though he was born to be there. He worked hard with his meticulous and analytic approach to seeing success in his cases.

Mark was always eager to learn more about the law, and even made a habit of stopping into other trials he had nothing to do with. He was passionate about his interests and the people in his life. Even when he was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, he carried on in his work until he passed away on March 12, 2020 at the age of 51.

What Mark left with us

Mark loved his wife Christine, his partner Evan Kelly and everyone else in his life. His memory as a compassionate and driven man will live in the hearts of everyone he touched in his life and his legacy will not be soon forgotten.

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