3 signs of problems with a house

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Real Estate

A home is a major investment that requires you to understand exactly what you’re getting into when you make the purchase. During the purchase process, you have the opportunity to walk through the home and see if there’s anything you can spot that might be a red flag.

Even if you don’t see anything amiss, you should still have an inspection done. A qualified inspector can take a more in-depth look at the home. If you see these red flags, you may want to walk away from the home before paying for an inspector.

Uneven floors or cracks in the walls

Uneven floors and cracks in the walls signal that there’s a problem with the foundation. You may also notice other signs of something amiss. These include things like cracks in window frames or windows and doors that don’t open properly.

Candles or wax warmers everywhere

Candles and wax warmers are found in many homes, but seeing an overabundance in a home for sale may signal that the owners are trying to hide an unpleasant odor. In some cases, the hidden smell could be of mold or mildew.

Dark spots on ceilings or caulking

Dark spots on the ceiling and discolored caulking are signs of water damage. This could be a sign that the home flooded, plumbing wasn’t kept up properly, or a roof that wasn’t maintained.

Anyone looking for a home to purchase should pay close attention to the little details. These can have a big impact on whether a purchase is right for you or not. It’s crucial that you review the disclosures from the seller, as well as the other documents pertaining to the sale. Having someone on your side who can help you with this makes it easier for you to protect your interests in the purchase.


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