Maximum sentences for Felony, Misdemeanor, & Summary Offenses in Pennsylvania

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In Pennsylvania, whenever a person is charged with the commission of a crime, whether it is a violent crime, sexual offensedrug offense, DUI, etc., that offense always carries a maximum sentence of incarceration.  It is best to think of a maximum sentence as a ceiling.  It is important to note: just because a crime has a maximum sentence does NOT automatically mean the person will always be incarcerated.  Instead, Pennsylvania statutes state that, depending on the crime, that person may not be incarcerated beyond a certain time.  In addition to maximum sentences, depending on the type of crime alleged, there may also be minimum mandatory sentences.

This entry will discuss the maximum sentences and fines for each degree of felony offenses, each degree of misdemeanor offenses, and summary offenses:

Felony 1st degree: 20 years incarceration; $25,000.00 fine

Felony 2nd degree: 10 years incarceration; $25,000.00 fine

Felony 3rd degree: 7 years incarceration; $15,000.00 fine

Misdemeanor 1st degree: 5 years incarceration; $10,000.00 fine

Misdemeanor 2nd degree: 2 years incarceration; $5,000.00 fine

Misdemeanor 3rd degree: 1 year incarceration; $2,500.00 fine

Summary: 90 days; $300.00 fine

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