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by | May 29, 2017 | Drug Crimes

You don’t read much about Marijuana Grow House’s as Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania it seems, as a result of the discussions surrounding the impending legalization of marijuana. Marijuana Grow House’s generally refer to homes which are in existence for the sole purpose of growing marijuana. Typically, people operating out of grow house’s produce the marijuana for the purpose of selling it. The penalties associated with Drug Crimes such as possessing and/or selling marijuana are serious.  Drug Crimes and Recovery Specifically the Drug Crime of Manufacturing and/or distributing marijuana or possessing marijuana with the intent to sell it or give it to another person is graded as a felony. A conviction for this crime can bring about a stiff penalty which is based on the amount of marijuana that is sold or being grown. Fines for a conviction for this crime can range from $5,000 to $25,000 and jail time can reach up to 10 years in prison if the accused has been convicted before of a felony drug crime. Make sure to consult with an experienced Drug Crimes attorney if you are being investigated for operating or residing in a grow house in Pennsylvania.

There are several defenses when it comes to combating a charge of operating or residing in a Marijuana Grow House. The first defense to Drug Crimes such as these is that even though the accused was living in the grow house, he had nothing to do with the marijuana growing enterprise. If the government can prove that the accused was aiding and abetting the marijuana growing operation, then the next best defense is to attack the search warrant that the police used to enter the home and seize the marijuana. Meth Crimes In order for the government’s search warrant to stand up in court, the government must prove that there was probable cause to believe that the house was being used to cultivate marijuana by the defendant. Attacking the search warrant is typically the only way to win a case such as this if significant quantities of marijuana were seized by the government.

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