Meth Street Names Include Crystal, Crissy, Tina, Crank, Speed, Shards, Glass, Ice And Go

If you are facing charges of possession, manufacturing or possession with intent to deliver crystal methamphetamine, you need a criminal defense lawyer to even the odds you face. Law enforcement possesses huge resources and attends to every detail in investigating and charging Pennsylvania residents with meth crimes.

As criminal defense attorneys who are also former drug crime prosecutors, we know the stakes involved in convictions for meth crimes. At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we get to the facts through in-depth investigations of our own, including any procedures performed by police that may have violated your rights. From there, we will employ strategies to secure an outcome that serves your best interests.

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Possession of meth and possession with the intent to distribute meth are markedly different criminal charges with a range of consequences. Possession is a misdemeanor. By adding manufacturing and intent to deliver, the charge becomes a felony in Pennsylvania with the severity based on the amount of meth and other circumstances.

If convicted of a meth-related crime, you face a jail or prison sentence and fines. Beyond the immediate consequences, you also suffer damage to your reputation. You could lose your job and find it difficult to apply for future employment due to a background check. Pursuing an education becomes expensive when a criminal record disqualifies you from financial aid.

You need a skilled and seasoned criminal defense attorney who possesses experience and legal knowledge in this complex area of drug law. Aggressive and sophisticated legal help makes a difference, both now and in the future. Conviction for a meth crime will impact the rest of your life.

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