Commercial And Corporate Agreement Representation In Pennsylvania

Business operate on the basis of contracts and agreements, whether you are examining the founding documents of the business or the daily operations of the company they will almost always entail a well drafted contract. You need to ensure that you are well informed before you sign your name to a contract to bind either yourself or your company to the terms of the agreement, and the best way to ensure that you have a full understanding of the document is by having a skilled attorney on your side to review it beforehand.

At the Pennsylvania law firm Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, our business agreement attorneys have decades of experience in advising clients on their corporate agreements. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable commercial litigation attorneys will be able to help you navigate your legal issues with the insight that they have gained from litigating these cases in court. We can provide you with contract drafting services to establish your business or partnership, create operational contracts for your daily business, and any other contract that your business needs.

We Offer A Broad Array Of Drafting Services For Your Business’ Needs

Over our years of practice, our team of attorneys at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP have assisted clients with many different legal matters, and have drafted or reviewed a number of different corporate agreements for them during their representation. Some of the more common documents that we handle for our clients include:

  • Buy/sell agreements: A buy/sell agreement is also known as a buyout agreement, and involves one co-owner of a business purchasing the ownership rights of another co-owner of the business.
  • Partnership agreements: A partnership agreement is a standard business formation contract between two or more parties to enter into a business together, typically in equal ownership to the level of capital that they contribute to the company. It outlines how the business will function and the parties responsibilities.
  • Shareholder agreements: A shareholder agreement is similar to a partnership agreement, in that it is between the shareholders of the company and it outlines how the company is to be operated, as well as the basic rights and obligations of all of the shareholders. It normally incorporates voting schedules and procedures, articles of incorporation for the company, and the buying or selling of company shares.
  • Operating agreements: An operating agreement is a document that is used by limited liability corporations (LLCs) to outline the various rights, duties and obligations of the partners and associates of the LLC. It will cover capital contributions for buy ins, voting rights, and other important details of the corporation.
  • Non-competition agreements: Non-competition agreements are employment-related contracts that are offered during the course of terminating an employee. They will offer the employee a payout in order to place restrictions on their ability to use the knowledge and experience they earned working at your company at a rival company.
  • Non-disclosure agreements: Non-disclosure agreements are contracts that you will use to protect your intellectual property from being released by any employees or business associates that you share it with.

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