Charged With Violating A Protection Order?

In Pennsylvania, a person can obtain a protection from abuse order (PFA) for alleged abuse against any current or past intimate partner, family member or person with whom they share a biological child. You may have a PFA issued against you due to allegations of stalking, harassment or domestic violence.

If you are accused of violating a PFA, you need legal representation. Located in West Chester and Pottstown, the lawyers at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP can defend you against the charge.

From Civil To Criminal

The terms of a PFA vary, but in general you are forbidden from contacting the named individual. This includes calls, texts and physical contact. It may prevent you from going to the alleged victim’s place of employment or residence. If you and the alleged victim share a residence, this prevents you from returning home. It can also prevent you from seeing your child.

PFAs are typically civil matters, but become criminal when violated. It is a common misconception that a violation of a PFA must be threatening. If the PFA bans all contact, even a friendly text message would be a violation.

PFA violations can undermine your position in any pending civil or criminal matters, such as child custody matters.

Penalties For A Violation

The penalties for violating a PFA can be harsh. You could be arrested and charged with indirect contempt of court. You could face jail time, probation and steep fines.

If accused of violating a restraining order, you need legal representation to protect your rights. To learn more about your legal options, contact our attorneys for a free consultation by calling 610-314-7066.