Federal Crimes

The criminal justice system is a scary place to be. All the more so when it’s the federal justice system.

Federal offenses are unlike any other area of criminal law. At the federal level, everything is more intimidating:

  • Federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and ATF are extremely skilled. Federal officers know how to conduct thorough investigations (and interrogations).
  • The prosecutors are experienced and determined. They have access to vast resources, and they’re always well-prepared.
  • Federal judges are among the most highly regarded in the nation. They’ve been nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.
  • The rules of procedure are exceedingly complex.
  • The penalties involved in most federal cases are severe.

For these reasons, federal criminal defense is not something that just any attorney can take on. Retaining a lesser-experienced attorney (or, worse, trying to represent yourself) sets you up for failure. The high stakes of federal cases demand experienced, knowledgeable representation.

Level The Playing Field By Securing A Strong Defense

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, our lawyers have the skill, experience, knowledge and dedication you need to fight back against federal charges. With more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal law — including experience as former prosecutors — we are well-equipped to level the playing field.

Our defense attorneys handle all types of federal cases across Pennsylvania, including:

We are well-versed in not only the vast body of federal criminal law, but also the federal sentencing guidelines, which are notoriously complex.

Curbing The Effects Of Damaging Allegations

Federal cases often involve damaging allegations that can irreparably tarnish your reputation. They may even garner national media attention. In these cases, a strong defensive strategy often involves managing public perceptions while protecting your privacy (and your right to a fair and impartial jury).

With experience handling high-profile cases, our lawyers are well-positioned to represent you in such sensitive cases. Protecting your privacy, reputation, freedoms and privileges will be our highest priority.

What To Do If You’re Under Federal Investigation

If you haven’t yet been arrested or charged but are facing federal investigation, now is the time to hire an attorney. The sooner we get involved, the more we can do for you. Even at the grand jury stage before an arrest, we can review evidence, put a strategy into place, and work to avoid an indictment.

What Not To Do

Above all, don’t talk to investigators and don’t testify without first consulting an attorney. The investigators are not on your side. They have sophisticated tactics for eliciting information that can be used against you. Sitting down with investigators puts you at risk for facing additional charges for perjury or obstruction of justice.

So, too, does testifying in court without a lawyer. By doing so, you may end up helping the prosecutor — or worse.

Never assume your case is hopeless. Before doing what most people do and pleading guilty before a trial, explore all of your options and contact us immediately.

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