If you are convicted of a crime in a Pennsylvania court, you have the right to appeal. That means you can go to a different court to show that your conviction was handled incorrectly by the first court — or that your case was handled improperly by your lawyer.

In general, criminal appeals are not easy to win, so you will need an experienced attorney to help you gain the best chance of success. A successful appeal will rely on facts, but it also must follow procedure and be written and presented properly.

Was Your Criminal Case Tried Improperly? Did A Criminal Court Or An Attorney Make A Mistake?

If your criminal case (or a loved one’s case) was handled wrongly by a court — or by your attorney — it may be in your best interest to appeal. The appellate attorneys of Bellwoar Kelly, LLP represent clients in important appellate matters, addressing questions like:

  • Did a court go outside its boundaries in a decision that affected you?
  • Did a judge use correct sentencing guidelines in your case?
  • Were your civil rights violated with regard to you being provided legal representation?
  • Did the public defender’s office do its job?

Appeals can be complicated. Seek advice if you have questions.

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