Aggressively Representing Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse


Child sexual abuse can deeply scar the victim with residual aftereffects of the abuse carrying well into adulthood. Victims may struggle to deal with feelings of shame, guilt, confusion and depression. The emotional consequences can impact a victim’s personal relationships and professional life years after the abuse ended.

Whereas abuse victims tend to struggle with decades long emotional turmoil after suffering child sexual abuse, the perpetrators often return to their daily lives without any consequences.

For victims ready to seek justice and vindication against their abuser, the compassionate attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP can help. We help child sexual abuse victims throughout Pennsylvania hold their abuser responsible for the damage and pain they caused.

Advocacy Against Institutionalized Abuse

Sadly, child sexual abuse often occurs in establishments meant to care for children — for example:

The perpetrators are often people in positions of power whom the child trusts. The children may be too young to protect themselves and may not fully understand the gravity of the abuse until much later.

Child sexual abuse can happen when an organization fails to properly screen applicants or fails to ensure the safety of a child in the care of staffers. In some cases, the abuse gets ignored or covered up in an attempt to save face. These actions are never acceptable. The individual perpetrators as well as the organizations that employed them should be held accountable for such wrongdoing.

Justice Starts With You

Our lawyers recognize the hardship of abuse. We know how difficult it can be to move forward. But your efforts to hold an institution or abuser accountable can prevent other children from suffering sexual abuse.

If you or a loved one has been victimized by child sexual abuse, let us help you seek justice. Contact us online or call 610-314-7066 or 484-402-4500 to schedule a free consultation at our West Chester or Pottstown offices.