Fighting Drug Conspiracy Charges

In Pennsylvania, anyone connected, even remotely, with a drug distribution operation risks drug trafficking conspiracy charges. Depending on the allegation, a drug conspiracy charge can land you in state or federal court. If facing drug conspiracy charges, you need skilled legal representation. Let the experienced attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in West Chester and Pottstown defend you.

Voluntary Involvement

To bring drug conspiracy charges against you, the prosecution will attempt to prove the voluntary involvement of you and at least one other person. To prove the charges, prosecutors must demonstrate that you knew your actions were a violation of the law yet you agreed to continue or that you agreed to aid another individual in the planning or execution of a drug crime. The federal statute overlaps with the state law, making it a serious federal offense for two or more people to conspire to commit a drug offense.

Penalties for drug conspiracy charges vary depending on the substance and the amount. Other factors include prior convictions, drug-related or otherwise, and the involvement of weapons. If convicted, you face the same possible consequences as those who orchestrated the sale of controlled substances, no matter how small your role in the drug operation.

Proving A Plan

Drug conspiracy charges appeal to prosecutors because they only need to prove that the drug crime was planned, not committed. You also do not need to be in possession of drugs to be charged. However, any other drug-related charges strengthen the prosecution’s case against you, which is why it’s so critical to involve an experienced defense lawyer — whether this is your first offense or fifth.

Start Building A Strong Legal Defense

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for drug conspiracy charges, you need a legal advocate. Our lawyers will use strong defensive strategy to challenge the allegations of conspiracy to traffic drugs. Let us start building your defense today. Please call 610-314-7066 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.