Defense Against Every Type of Fraud Charge

When facing a fraud charge in Pennsylvania, you could be looking at a lengthy prison sentence. Although there is no charge entitled fraud under Pennsylvania law, there are various types of fraud charges under federal law. Under federal law there is mail fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud and wire fraud. You need serious legal help from a law firm that isn’t afraid to protect your freedom at a trial if you are being either investigated or have been charged with a type of fraud.

A conviction for any type of fraud charge goes on your criminal record forever. Expunging or sealing it from the public isn’t possible. The only way to keep your record clean is to fight aggressively to avoid a conviction.

From offices in West Chester, our trial lawyers represent clients charged with fraud in Chester County and Montgomery County, as well as state and federal court jurisdictions throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Contact our offices by email to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Fraud attorney anytime, day or night.

Reputation And Credentials Make A Difference

When your back is against the wall facing a serious criminal charge for a fraud crime, there is no other choice than to put your trust in your lawyer’s experience and professional reputation. Attorney Evan J. Kelly is a former assistant district attorney with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and later served as chief counsel of Oversight and Investigations for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee under Senator Arlen Specter.

We have extensive experience representing clients charged with theft or fraud charges, including:

After meeting with us, we will explain how to best attack your case in a strategic, efficient and effective manner. We will give you the information you need to make educated decisions about your future.

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Although any arrest is an intimidating proposition, there are ways to protect oneself when confronted by detectives or prosecutors in Pennsylvania. While no website can substitute for experienced legal representation, it is important to remember that even apparently harmless conduct can hurt your defense. Protecting yourself at the onset of any criminal investigation may mean the difference between an arrest, indictment, conviction or even complete exoneration.

The former prosecutors at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP encourage you to educate yourself on the law and critically examine the evidence against you. While no attorney can guarantee a particular result in any criminal matter pending before the courts of Pennsylvania, we have successfully represented clients in fraud and theft arrests stemming from a few thousand dollars to well over $5 million.

Chester County fraud defense lawyer Evan Kelly offers a free confidential consultation to those facing any type of fraud charge. During this consultation, Evan Kelly will review your situation, answer your questions and assist you in order to help you avoid a conviction for this serious offense.

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