What Constitutes Burglary?

Burglary is more than a theft from someone’s home. It is really a catch-all crime covering situations in which, very often, nothing is even stolen at all. Pennsylvania law defines burglary as entering a building or other property with the intent of committing a crime while inside. So the defense of “I didn’t steal anything!” will not get you very far.

Burglary Is A Whole Set of Crimes

The intended crime does not have to be theft — it can be anything apart from the basic offense of criminal trespass. It could be breaking and entering, robbery, theft, vandalism, arson, assault, destruction of property — anything. It is an elastic law that police can stretch to include any offense. For this reason, burglary is not an easy charge to defend against.

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we make prosecutors prove what your intent is. Using your constitutional rights to guard against illegal search or violation of due process, we make it as difficult as possible to secure a conviction against you.

If our lawyers cannot obtain dismissal outright, we work to minimize the charges leveled against you. In the event that you are still convicted, our attorneys will work to ensure that punishment is not egregious or unduly harsh.

Your West Chester Criminal Defense Attorney

The important thing for you, if you stand charged with a serious misdemeanor or felony, is to act quickly to select defense counsel that can do the job for you. Do not wait on this, as it takes time to develop a strategy and produce evidence and testimony putting you in the best light.

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