Theft Involving Power Of Attorney

Pennsylvania has over 2 million people who are over the age of 65. Because of the large number of seniors, legal arrangements like guardianships and conservatorships are common. A senior may also sign power of attorney (POA) documents giving his or her child, grandchild or other family member the ability to make important financial decisions on his or her behalf.

When it comes to handling the assets of an aging senior, disagreements between family members are common. Perhaps you have a signed POA and have the ability to act on the behalf of an aging parent, but other members of your family are accusing you of financial fraud or of making poor decisions. These allegations can even bring criminal investigations, regardless of their truthfulness. POA abuse allegations are serious so it’s important to seek legal help.

Bellwoar Kelly, LLP focuses on criminal defense. We actively work to defend our clients from POA theft charges, including fraud and exploitation. Contact us as soon as you can by dialing 610-314-7066.

Power Of Attorney Theft In West Chester

Both personal and legal hurdles are created anytime a person is accused of abusing a POA. Criminal charges can even be brought if the amount at issue is over $200,000. Possible charges include larceny, exploitation, embezzlement and fraud.

Many of these crimes are felony-level offenses, which means potential jail time of up to 20 years and serious fines.

Defending You From Criminal Charges

Our work on POA theft crimes includes researching the allegations and working to prove that any decisions made were within the scope of the POA. Our commitment to our clients is to passionately defend them from all unfair charges and penalties.

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