Arrest Warrants

The legal team at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP is composed of skilled Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers who are former prosecutors. Possessing insight into the criminal process — starting with arrest warrants — benefits our clients facing the possibility of being taken into custody.

Arrest Warrants And The Need For Proactive Legal Representation

An active arrest warrant commands law enforcement to arrest a criminal suspect at their home or place of work. The warrant originates with a police officer investigating an alleged felony and submitting a report to the district attorney. If probable cause exists, the DA will file charges and a judge will issue the warrant.

From there, the suspect is jailed, awaiting arraignment in criminal court or indictment by a grand jury.

Arrest warrants can also encompass:

  • A criminal complaint that provides the details of the criminal allegation
  • A citation filled out at the scene of the alleged minor crime or misdemeanor by a police officer who does not arrest the alleged offender
  • An affidavit, which is a notarized, written statement provided to the court to determine the possible filing of a criminal complaint and issuing of an arrest warrant. Ultimately, the judge decides if probable cause exists.

If you are suspected of a crime and believe that you may have an active arrest warrant, take proactive steps and contact a Chester County arrest warrant lawyer at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP. We are equally proactive in searching the appropriate databases and contacting the investigating officer to see if a warrant is possible. From there, we continue to monitor the possibility of a warrant.

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