Don’t Let Drug Paraphernalia Charges Take You Down

It may be hard to believe, but simply possessing items used for consuming, using or making illegal drugs can lead to serious penalties. Sometimes these penalties exceed those of a first-time drug possession charge.

Those recently arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia in West Chester and Reading can rely on Bellwoar Kelly, LLP to provide comprehensive criminal defense services.

Our client’s futures are the reason we are so passionate about our work. After a drug paraphernalia arrest, get in touch with Evan J. Kelly. To speak with a lawyer who will focus on your best interests, call 610-314-7066.

Arrested On Suspicion Of Possessing Paraphernalia

Under Pennsylvania law, possessing anything that could be used to administer drugs, package drugs, make drugs or grow drugs is illegal. This means that in addition to items like bongs, pipes and needles, the police may consider items that have many legal uses drug paraphernalia. This charge may stand alone or be brought along with a separate offense.

Any arrest is stressful, but those that concern drugs are especially difficult. You may worry about your financial future as well as your reputation in the community.

The criminal defense team at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP will work to ensure that any charges you face are handled with the utmost care. We understand what’s at stake. A conviction may mean up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

How Can Bellwoar Kelly, LLP Help?

To convict a person for possessing drug paraphernalia, prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. It must be proven that you were both aware of the item and that you had plans to use it. Meeting this burden requires strong evidence. If the evidence is weak, your case may be dismissed.

The defense strategy we use on any given case depends on an analysis of the particular situation and an understanding of the client’s goals.

Sometimes it makes sense to try and have all charges dropped. Perhaps you were falsely accused and the item at issue had nothing to do with drug use. Other times, we may seek a reduction in charges or to have a person’s sentence reduced to probation or a rehabilitation program.

Don’t risk your personal and financial future. It’s always in your best interests to seek qualified legal advice from an attorney after a drug paraphernalia arrest. Set up a meeting by calling Bellwoar Kelly, LLP at 610-314-7066.