Harsh Punishments Follow Fentanyl Drug Crimes

With the recent uptick in overdoses and accidental deaths from opioids, law enforcement agencies are taking a hard stance against those caught with fentanyl. The skilled defense attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP have the knowledge and experience needed to fight these types of drug charges. We represent clients throughout the West Chester and Pottstown areas.

Controlled Substance Penalties

Pennsylvania categorizes fentanyl as a Schedule II drug because of its high potential for addiction and abuse. To lawfully possess fentanyl in Pennsylvania, you must have a valid prescription. Fentanyl crimes include:

More Than The Amount Matters

Simple possession of fentanyl is a misdemeanor, but possession with intent to deliver (PWID) is a felony. Law enforcement may bring a PWID charge if you are caught with a large amount of fentanyl. Based on the quantity alone, they can assume that you planned to distribute it even if that was not your intent.

However, the amount of the drug in your possession is not the only factor. Officers look for any other drug paraphernalia found on your person. Items can include tools to measure or divide the substance, containers for storing the drug and large amounts of cash.

Fighting For All Your Options

The highly addictive nature of fentanyl can lead to misuse. Individuals caught illegally possessing fentanyl for personal use may struggle with addiction. In addition to helping you fight the charge, we work to help you restore your life. We fight for alternative sentencing options including rehabilitation and treatment terms. Let us help you put a drug charge and addiction behind you.

When you work with our experienced drug defense lawyers early on in your case, you have a strong position from which to fight the charges. Please send our firm an email or call 610-314-7066 to schedule a free consultation.