Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Last updated on October 4, 2022

Are You Ready To End Employment Discrimination?

No one should have to endure discrimination at work. If you believe that your employer has discriminated against you, you deserve to advocate for your rights. However, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to stand up on your own.

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, our team of litigators is here to help you. For more than 15 years, our employment discrimination lawyers have steadfastly served clients in Chester County and Delaware County. When you are ready to take a stand and put a stop to employment discrimination, reach out to us for the help you deserve.

What Is Employment Discrimination?

Just because a workplace environment is unfriendly does not necessarily mean that discrimination is present. Discrimination occurs when you experience mistreatment because of a category protected under federal law, including your race, gender, age, religion, nation of origin or disability. Some common examples of employment discrimination include:

  • Making offensive comments or jokes
  • Posting offensive material around the office
  • Refusing to promote an employee
  • Assigning unfavorable job duties to an employee
  • Wrongfully terminating an employee
  • Paying an employee less than employees in the same position
  • Punishing an employee for blowing the whistle on discrimination

It is not always easy to prove discrimination. You must have the evidence to show that your employer treated you prejudicially because you belong to one of the aforementioned protected categories. Our attorneys know how to determine whether you have an actionable employment law case, how to demonstrate it effectively and how to help you find justice.

Get Help From An Employment Law Attorney

You do not deserve discriminatory treatment. We can help you put an end to it and recover compensation for your damages. Reach out to us by using our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation. You can also call our West Chester office at 610-314-7066, call our Pottstown office at 484-402-4500, call our Kennett Square office at 610-422-7041 or call our Media office at 610-524-9525.