What Happens In A Sex Crime Trial

A Biology-Based Prosecution

Unlike in other kinds of trials, prosecutors in sex crimes trials rely heavily on biological evidence to prove their case. That means you need a defense team that can address any evidence that the prosecution may present and understand the intricacies of how that evidence is gathered and interpreted.

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Sex Crimes Trials Require Interpretation And Sensitivity

With DNA evidence now a major element in sex crimes trials, the presence of any of this evidence in your case might make it seem that you have no hope against the charges you face. But this is not true. Like any type of evidence, DNA or other biological evidence must be interpreted. In the context of a trial, this often requires the testimony of an expert who can analyze the available evidence and interpret it in defense of your case.

For example, experts can analyze the amount of DNA evidence, where it was found and how many people it may have originated from. The presence of sperm on a victim, for example, does not necessarily imply that intercourse had taken place, or a crime was committed.

Our legal team also has the experience to know that juries do not smile on aggressive and accusatory questioning of the alleged victim. We know how to strike the right balance of evidence analysis and measured questioning to provide you with the best chance at a favorable outcome, no matter what charges you face.

Call Now For The Defense You Need

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