Have You Experienced Sexual Assault On Campus?

No student should have to endure sexual assault, harassment or discrimination just to get an education. Yet sexual assault is a major problem at college campuses across the country. Thanks in part to increased awareness of just how prevalent it is, more and more victims are finding the courage to come forward and speak up. Navigating the process, however, isn’t always easy.

Work With Former Prosecutors Who Understand The Trauma Of Sexual Assault

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we can stand by your side during this difficult time. Our legal team includes former prosecutors who have secured justice for victims of heinous sex crimes.

We understand what you’re facing. The trauma of sexual assault can affect all areas of your life, including your ability to focus on school. The last thing you need is struggle through the legal proceedings on your own. We’ll listen to your concerns and provide experienced, compassionate guidance.

Although the road ahead may be difficult, we’ll stand beside you each step of the way.

Understanding The Process

Title IX — the landmark federal law that establishes equal rights for men and women in education — also protects the rights of sexual assault victims. Public schools (and private schools that receive federal funding) must take seriously all reports of sexual harassment or sexual assault. This means you’re entitled to:

  • A prompt, thorough and impartial investigation
  • Privacy and discretion in the handling of your case
  • Changes in class schedule, housing, transportation and other accommodations so you can continue your education feeling safe and secure
  • Confidential counseling and support services

These rights apply regardless of whether you reported the assault to the police, and regardless of whether any criminal charges were filed. What’s more, you can’t face retaliation of any kind for reporting sexual assault.

Making sense of your legal rights can be stressful and confusing during this already overwhelming time. Our lawyers will walk you through what to expect. We can also assist you with any civil claims you may have resulting from the assault (or the school’s improper handling of it).

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