Preliminary Arraignment

The Preliminary Arraignment is the first and one of the most important hearings involved a criminal case. The initial appearance is when the District Justice sets the bail for the criminal defendant. At this hearing the District Justice conducts an interview of the defendant asking him or her for his address, phone number, emergency contact person and prior criminal convictions in order to ultimately place the Defendant on bail.

Legal representation at these hearings is extremely important. It is imperative that you contact an experienced Chester County Criminal Lawyer to represent you at this hearing. Waiving legal representation ignores the danger that you may be placed on a very high bail that neither you nor family members can post. You need an aggressive Chester County Criminal Defense attorney to represent you at the preliminary arraignment. At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we are experienced former prosecutors who have tried and represented numerous individuals charged with both serious crimes such as Murder and Sexual Assault to less serious crimes such as DUI and Assaults.

Protecting Your Rights At Preliminary Arraignments

At the Preliminary Arraignment, you need a skilled and seasoned criminal trial attorney who not only understands the criminal process, but also knows the police officers, assistant district attorney’s and the Judges involved in the criminal process. At the preliminary arraignment, the District Justice is required to take several different factors into consideration when setting bail. Make sure that you retain an aggressive criminal lawyer who understands what those factors are and who can best prepare you for the criminal process and the preliminary arraignment.

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we provide aggressive representation at not only the preliminary arraignment, but also at all subsequent hearings such as the preliminary hearing. We are detailed oriented former prosecutors who will aggressively a diligently work to defend your case. In many cases, we recommend the immediate involvement of investigators so that we can secure all available information at the earliest opportunity. We have secured several successful results in a number of high profile cases. We are ready to fight for you today.

Even The Odds If You Are Facing Sex Crime Charges

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