When Teachers Are Charged With A Sex Crime

The inherent imbalance of power between student and teacher means that any accusation of sexual contact between the two is almost guaranteed to cause a public uproar. In fact, Pennsylvania has a specific statute that prohibits sexual relations between students and teachers, principals, counselors, custodians, librarians, coaches, volunteers and any other school staff member. The criminal charge of institutional sexual assault is considered a third-degree felony.

Is It Really A Breach Of Trust? Or Is It Simply False Accusation?

Despite the narrative the public and the media may present, however, an accusation of inappropriate sexual contact between teacher and student doesn’t always stand up in court. Students may make false accusations, and gestures or communications can be misinterpreted and overblown. Nevertheless, any sexual accusation against a teacher, coach, aide or school employee is bound to do potentially irreparable damage to a career and future. If you are facing these charges, it is essential that you contact a capable sex crimes attorney immediately. In West Chester, Pennsylvania, call 610-314-7066 or find out more by writing us online.

Getting Ahead Of The Publicity

When these types of cases make the news, the court of public opinion is often too ready to convict the accused no matter what. As attorneys who are experienced in this type of case, we know how important it is to hit back at any media coverage as soon as possible. Not only will the local news likely cover the story, but anyone anywhere with access to the Internet can Google your name and read about the case. Regardless of what happened in your particular situation, silence can signal guilt. We prefer to meet with the media right away to counter this impression, and let the District Attorney’s Office know that we intend to fight the charges. With this type of case, there is so much at stake. A single accusation can have the power to bring down an entire career. At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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When you’re the target of an unfair, trumped up or inaccurate charge of inappropriate sexual behavior with a student, you have no time to lose. The weight of public opinion will land swiftly, and you may even be suspended from your position during the course of the investigation. You need to stay ahead of the narrative and fight back with against these damaging accusations. Pick up the phone and call a lawyer at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP today for the swift and strong legal defense you need to preserve your reputation and future. Our number is 610-314-7066, or you can also reach us online.