When Should I Contact A Lawyer About Sex Crime Allegations?

Whenever a law enforcement agency tries to question you about allegations of a sex crime, you should first speak with a criminal defense lawyer. You might not be under investigation — yet. But the answers you give could open you up to a formal investigation or even criminal charges.

You need to start your legal defense long before police pursue formal charges. Let the skilled attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in Pennsylvania defend you against sex crime allegations. We represent clients throughout West Chester, Pottstown and beyond.

Anxiety Can Lead To Inaction, But Charges Proceed Regardless

Hiring a lawyer as early in the case as possible, even before facing formal charges, is the most critical step you can take towards your defense against sex crime charges. If a law enforcement agency is investigating you, the prosecution already has a head start in building a case.

You may worry that hiring a lawyer will be seen as an admission of guilt. Fortunately, that’s not the case. You have the absolute right to seek legal counsel without tarnishing your presumption of innocence. What’s more, delaying the process of retaining legal counsel will not prevent law enforcement from moving forward with an investigation or charges against you, and inaction will only damage your defense.

Be Proactive About Your Defense

Having legal representation early on during the criminal defense process will give you and your attorney more control over how and where your case will proceed. Legal counsel can identify strategies for reducing the charges or avoiding them entirely. A lawyer will also inform you of all your legal rights and options whereas the prosecution may only choose to tell you certain information. Our lawyers know how to gather evidence that supports your defense before it disappears. We also work to suppress any illegally obtained evidence.

Skilled Representation Against Serious Allegations

If police arrest you or bring you in for questioning, do not speak to law enforcement or sign anything without an attorney present. You may incriminate yourself or sign away basic rights without realizing it. To schedule a free consultation, please call 610-314-7066 or reach us online.