Where You Unlawfully Arrested Or Detained?

Thanks to the Fourth Amendment, our government does not have unlimited power to arrest people. When arresting and subsequently detaining an individual, law enforcement must adhere to certain procedures and standards. Failure to do so may constitute an unlawful arrest, which is an infringement upon your constitutionally protected rights.

The attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP are committed to protecting and defending your civil rights. If you were subjected to a wrongful arrest in Pennsylvania, we can help you seek legal recourse.

Insufficient Evidence Or Lack Of Probable Cause

A wrongful arrest can occur when police do not have sufficient evidence to support probable cause. A suspicion of wrongdoing is not enough to justify an arrest. Law enforcement must have objectively reasonable evidence to back up their hunch before making an arrest. If you were arrested for charges with insufficient evidence and the charges were later dismissed, you may have grounds for a false arrest claim against the responsible agency.

Small Missteps And Overt Violations

Law enforcement officers can and do make mistakes through all stages of the arrest and charging process. Do not assume they are always in the right. When police act maliciously or out of ignorance, ordinary citizens pay the price. You should not let the indignity and unfairness of a wrongful arrest go unpunished.

Fighting The Justice System For Justice

While it can be intimidating to seek justice against those responsible for upholding it, your claim could prevent further law enforcement wrongdoing.

Unlawful arrest cases are extremely nuanced. You need an experienced attorney to investigate and prove misconduct. To learn more about recompense for your civil rights violations, please contact either our West Chester or Pottstown offices. To schedule a free consultation, send us an email or call us at 610-314-7066.