How Federal Sentencing Guidelines Affect Your Case

If you are convicted of a federal crime, you will want to know about federal sentencing guidelines.

Federal judges are required to consider federal sentencing guidelines when sentencing someone. The guidelines take into consideration both the seriousness of the crime and the person who committed it, including prior convictions.

Thoughtful Defense In Federal Cases For Pennsylvanians

Judges are not bound by the guidelines, but they are expected to explain their thinking when they depart noticeably from the guidelines.

This is where an experienced, persuasive defense lawyer is invaluable. Your attorney has the opportunity to make a case for setting guidelines aside and considering your case in a more thoughtful way, one that is more sympathetic to you and your story and circumstances.

Sentencing guidelines can be thought of as judicial training wheels. They are not mandatory, but many judges fall back on them to feel secure in their decisions. Your attorney’s task is to make the case so compelling and so clear that federal sentencing guidelines become less necessary.

Questions? Ask Your Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.

Not all cases end in dismissals, especially at the federal level. That’s why it is essential to think forward: If you are convicted, what then? Our firm has many answers to this question, but finessing the rigidity and robotic character of federal sentencing guidelines is an important start.

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