Two Sides To Most Assault And Fighting Stories

The Long Tail Of A Short Fight

If you’ve been in a fight outside a bar or on a college campus or another location, you might have thought that the fight was over when everybody went home. But if that fight culminates in criminal charges, then the battle has just begun. And if you’re convicted of assault charges, you could be facing fines or even jail time. An aggravated assault charge, which involves use of a weapon, rises to the level of a felony and brings with it much more severe penalties. And assault against a family or household member (domestic assault) can also compound the penalties.

Whether you intended to hurt someone in a fight or your charges arose from a misunderstanding or overreaction, you need a lawyer to resolve your assault charges in a way that will provide the best immediate outcome while also protecting your future.

You Don’t Need To Hit To Be Charged With Assault

Unlike its sibling charge, battery, a person need not strike another person for an assault charge to stick. A prosecutor need only prove that you acted in a threatening manner with the intent to injure someone and that the act would put a reasonable person in fear for his or her safety.

A Companion To Other Charges

Prosecutors will often add assault as a secondary charge accompanying other criminal charges, like theft or drug charges. At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, our criminal defense attorneys know how to navigate these multilayered cases, using strategy and experience to protect your rights and provide the strongest defense against all the charges you face.

We’ll Do The Fighting From Now On

When the legal system becomes your boxing ring, you need a committed attorney who can defend you against the blows of the prosecution. Call today at 610-314-7066 to make an appointment with one of our West Chester, Pennsylvania, attorneys at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP.