Nursing License Defense Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Experienced Nursing License Defense Lawyers

Pennsylvania nurses must obtain specialized licenses to practice their craft. A criminal conviction, and in some cases even criminal charges, can cost nurses everything they worked so hard to obtain.

For instance, a conviction for driving under the influence charge (DUI) or drug possession could result in a suspension of your professional license. Allegations of a sex crime could lead to professional disciplinary proceedings. And some charges or convictions could result in complete forfeiture of your ability to practice as a nurse.

Make sure to hire experienced nurse licensing defense attorneys to advise you of your rights and your best course of action throughout the process.

Options to protect your nurse’s license

Nurses are licensed to promote and restore health and prevent illnesses. They help individuals, families, and many more in our communities. We’re committed to protecting our nurses in every way possible in the workplace.

Defending the licenses of nurses is extremely important. By providing legal representation in multiple forums – that is, in criminal proceedings as well as professional licensure proceedings – we at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP can fight to protect your livelihood. Allegations of misconduct, neglect, standard-of-care violations, substance abuse, and other criminal allegations all require the assistance of an aggressive defense lawyer.

Helping nurses defend their licenses to practice

Depending on the severity of the criminal charges or allegations, punishments enforced by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing can include license restrictions, probation, suspension, or even revocation. Each of these consequences can affect your reputation and career, which is why it’s so important to contact an experienced award-winning defense attorney as soon as possible.


Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing Disciplinary Hearings

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, our criminal defense attorneys have experience helping nurses navigate the pitfalls associated with disciplinary actions brought by the Board of Nursing. We can advise you on the benefits of attending counseling, rehab and even Alcoholics Anonymous, depending on your situation. Additionally, we can represent you before the Board while actively trying to negotiate an agreeable and acceptable resolution.

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