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One aspect of estate law that not everyone is familiar with is that estate planning lets you control what happens to your assets when you die.  This can be done through legal mechanisms such as living trusts or a will.  Both of these legal mechanisms let you ease the burden on your survivors so that they pay the least amount of taxes possible under the law. Allow our estate planning lawyers help you plan for the future so that your children will be placed in the best possible situation to excel when you are no longer here.

Let Our Experienced Estate Planning Lawyers Assist you with Your Will or Trust

There are several steps you can take to ease the transition for your loved ones when you are no longer here.  The most basic and important step you can take is to have the lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP draft a Will.  A Will is a legal document that directs who you want your assets to go to upon your death.  There are many benefits to having a lawyer draft your Will.  First, a lawyer knows how to prepare your Will properly so it can be filed easily with the court upon your passing.  Second, hiring a lawyer makes it more difficult for aggrieved family members to challenge your Will in court after your passing.  Call us today, to plan for tomorrow.

Get Help With Your Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal directive that can be used by loved ones if you are unable to write checks or direct your financial matters as a result of medical incapacitation or imprisonment.  Our attorneys can draft the appropriate Power of Attorney depending upon your situation and needs.  At Bellwoar Kelly we even have our own notary on staff so you can move as quickly as needed.

Have you Been Named as the Executor in Another’s Will?

Being named an executor for a friend or loved one’s will can sound daunting.  Common questions such as: What are your responsibilities? How do you figure out who the beneficiaries are?  And how much is to be given to each?  At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP we can help you navigate through these difficult questions, and let you focus on those issues that matter to you. No matter your estate needs, you can count on our estate administration lawyers to assist you every step of the way.

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