People On Foot Have No Chance Against Motor Vehicles

There are many ways people can get around, but we are all pedestrians, moving about on our own, whether we are walking, biking or using a wheelchair. It is one of the riskiest things we do. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that about 5,000 of us this year will fail to reach our destinations, because we will be brought down by a negligent driver.

The worst part is that victims of pedestrian knockdowns are often the most vulnerable people — kids on bikes or on foot, moms with strollers, older people and people in wheelchairs. They are struck in crosswalks, at intersections, even on the sidewalk.

Every accident is different, but injuries can range from broken bones and severe lacerations to brain injuries. Victims can be run over, dragged or pinned between cars. Fatalities are not uncommon.

Let our experienced attorneys go to bat for you or your injured family member. We have the skills to place a high dollar value on your losses, no matter how extensive. Financial compensation can offset medical costs, missed paychecks and the emotional misery that often accompanies serious injuries.

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