Mandatory Sentencing Laws

Combining experience as criminal defense attorneys with insight as former prosecutors allows the legal team at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP to provide seasoned and sophisticated legal representation. Protecting the rights of our clients is paramount throughout the process, including the possibility of a sentencing for a conviction.

The Complexities And Challenges Of Pennsylvania Mandatory Sentencing Laws

Mandatory minimum sentences represent the minimum that judges must impose for those found guilty of applicable crimes. District attorneys have sole authority as to whether they should or should not be imposed, particularly when plea bargaining or when a defendant cooperating with law enforcement is a factor.

Should a district attorney choose to pursue a mandatory minimum sentence, judges have absolutely no discretion to mitigate sentences. Factors such as no criminal record, any level of remorse or the age of the defendant are not subject to consideration. A judge’s sole option is to reject the sentence, claiming that it is unfair, which is extremely rare.

Pennsylvania statutes governing mandatory minimum sentences are frequently updated. The constitutionality of the sentences is continually challenged. At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we commit ourselves to staying on the cutting edge of ever-changing Pennsylvania laws regarding mandatory prison time.

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