Understanding The Charge Of Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure charges are often the result of misunderstandings. Many scenarios can lead up to the charge. Basically, however, it boils down to this: One side claims you exposed your private parts in a public place and you are now left with the responsibility of explaining and providing evidence of what really happened.

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we have successfully defended individuals charged with this humiliating crime.

There are several common defenses for the charge of indecent exposure. The first is to insist that the act never took place.

The primary defense will be that you did not actually expose yourself. Another defense is that the act did not occur in a public place. Other defenses include lack of intent (the exposure was accidental), being too drunk or high to make good decisions, being insane or not realizing that exposure would cause harm or offense to others.

“Private parts” means one’s genitals. Women who show their breasts may be charged with open lewdness, but only if they are behaving in a lewd fashion. Women who are breastfeeding are not being lewd.

Experienced West Chester Sex Crimes Lawyers

You win in a case of indecent exposure by persuasively presenting your case. Our lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP have been down this road many times, and we know what is convincing to judges and juries and what is not. Sometimes these charges are simply false, the result of bad feeling, malice or wild misinterpretation on the part of your accuser.

We will work to ensure that you present witnesses and testimony that support your point of view and exonerate you of the charge.

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