The Experienced Real Estate Transaction Attorneys At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP Can Protect Your Investment

Whether you are buying or selling a property, knowing that an attorney is handling the details can alleviate much of the stress associated with real estate transactions. Both the buyer and the seller in real estate transactions should consider hiring an attorney to oversee the process. An experienced attorney can spot potential problems, and they can be instrumental in renegotiating a deal if necessary.

For many people, a real estate purchase, whether a home for their family, a location for their business or purchase of an investment property, represents a major milestone. It can be an exciting time, but also intimidating.

For those selling a property, working with a knowledgeable real estate attorney can ensure that the process proceeds efficiently and that your best interests are represented. For experienced guidance with real estate transactions in Pennsylvania, turn to the attorneys at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP.

Our diligent real estate lawyers understand how important and impactful a real estate purchase can be. We help provide peace of mind as you make a big investment in your future. Any real estate transaction can be fraught with possible pitfalls. You want to make sure you understand every step of the process and that there are no surprises either during or after the transaction.

Our Attorneys Can Help With Every Aspect Of The Real Estate Process

Buying or selling real estate means more than just finding the right residential or commercial property and showing up at the closing. Along the way, there are multiple issues to be addressed, from conducting title searches to preparing appropriate paperwork.

Our attorneys can help from start to finish, smoothing out any possible bumps along the way. Here are some of the areas where a real estate attorney can help with potential legal issues:

  • Sales contracts – a real estate sales contract is a legal document that lays out the terms of a real estate sale. It is legally binding for both the buyer and the seller and includes items such as the purchase price, financing details, closing cost information, any inspection items and other pertinent information. An experienced attorney will review the contract, address any potential issues and ensure that the purchase is carried out efficiently and securely.
  • Closings – While Pennsylvania does not require purchasers to use a closing attorney, there are many benefits of having an attorney represent you. A real estate closing involves multiple documents, including those that relate to which party is responsible for any previously uncovered problems. An attorney will prepare and review any necessary paperwork to ensure that it is accurate. This can alleviate immediate problems, but it is also valuable if an issue arises after the purchase.
  • Search and clear titles – Before buying or selling a property, it is imperative to ensure that the title is free and clear. A title search and review can turn up issues like easements, property line disputes or liens against the property. Discovering these issues after the fact can put an unfair burden on the new owner. A real estate attorney can point out any potential issues as well as working with the seller to resolve them.
  • Lending documents – These documents specify the terms of your loan agreement with your lender. It specifies items such as your terms of repayment, including the interest rate, payment due dates and more.

Discuss Your Real Estate Transaction With An Attorney Today

Having an real estate transaction attorney on your side means you have a representative who is advocating for your best interests, which can make the whole process less intimidating. An attorney makes sure all aspects of the purchase come together smoothly. The attorneys at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP will work hard on your behalf in real estate transactions. Call 610-422-7041 or email us to find out how we can help you.