Getting A Felony Reduced To A Misdemeanor


A felony conviction can have a big impact on your life. In addition to a longer prison sentence, felonies come with a host of other consequences. You won’t be able to vote or carry a firearm. You’ll show up as a convicted felon on background checks, limiting your opportunities for jobs, housing and education. A felony on your record can also result in heightened sentences for any future offenses.

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we understand the weight of felony charges. You can count on our defense lawyers to fight for the best possible outcome in your case — getting the charges dismissed or reducing them to a lesser offense whenever possible, based on your unique circumstances.

The Art Of Plea Bargaining

Prosecutors are often zealous in their charges. They typically file the most severe charges possible in light of the evidence. This puts you in a tricky position. You can fight the charges at trial — potentially winning a not-guilty verdict, but also potentially getting convicted of a very serious offense. Or you can negotiate a plea deal that includes reduction of the charges (and resultant sentence).

Of course, much depends on the individual factors at play in your situation. If it makes sense to negotiate for a reduction in the charges, you will need to present strong grounds for doing so. Our lawyers can identify weaknesses in the state’s evidence and other key arguments to support such a reduction.

As former prosecutors, we understand how and when to get charges reduced. With our attorneys at your side, you can feel confident knowing you stand on solid legal footing.

Don’t Throw Your Rights Away

With any criminal charge — especially felony cases — you should never try to navigate the justice system alone. You might overlook key opportunities to challenge the prosecution’s case or negotiate a better outcome. Let our legal team be your advocate and ally.

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