Pennsylvania Courts

Criminal Defense In All Courts in Pennsylvania

We represent clients in Kennett Square and throughout Pennsylvania when they face criminal charges. When you need an experienced attorney, get in touch and call us at 610-314-7066.

People also need effective representation when they face other charges. A conviction for any crime has the potential for life-altering repercussions. We understand what’s at stake, so when clients need a defense plan, we quickly move into action.

Criminal charges are brought against people of all ages. For those in college, it’s especially important to handle an arrest properly; any conviction could have repercussions that impact financial aid and job opportunities.

A Reputation You Can Trust

Our attorneys have worked in the criminal justice system for a long time. Before becoming defense attorneys:

Evan Kelly’s prior role as assistant district attorney for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and later as chief counsel for oversight and investigations for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee under then Chairman Sen. Arlen Specter gives him a unique insight into prosecution tactics and methods. Now as a defense attorney, he uses his wealth of knowledge to further his clients’ interests.

Mark Conte worked at the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. He gained valuable experience learning the law and prosecuting crimes, including drug trafficking and robbery.