Where To Turn When Your Child Is Charged With A Drug Crime

Part of adolescence is testing boundaries and taking risks. Unfortunately, the risk for some activities includes criminal charges. Experimenting with drugs can land an otherwise good kid in a lot of trouble. Drug laws exist for good reason – they are meant to keep us safe, and that goes double for our youth. We do not want them involved in drugs, but we also do not want a single mistake to jeopardize their entire future.

If your child faces drug charges in the Pennsylvania juvenile justice system, you want an experienced criminal attorney for your child who understands the process. The attorneys at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP have helped many young people and their families through juvenile court hearings. We understand what you are going through and we will fight for your child’s future.

What To Expect After The Arrest

When you received the call that the police have arrested your child, you may have had a moment of panic. Perhaps you worried that all your hopes for your child’s future may have just disappeared. Do not lose hope, however. We know how to handle complex juvenile drug charges. Knowing what to expect next may give you peace of mind. The next steps may include:

  • Detention hearing or intake meeting—to determine whether the court will detain your child or release them to your custody while awaiting the next hearing
  • Adjudication hearing—where your child either admits to the offense or denies it, and we present our arguments and evidence on your child’s behalf
  • Judge’s finding—The judge has seven days to find your child at fault or not at fault.
  • Adjudication of delinquency hearing—The court decides on the proper course of action if your child is at fault, including treatment and supervision, and possibly a disposition hearing to lay out a rehabilitation program.

Possible Penalties For Juvenile Drug Charges

The positive thing about the juvenile justice system is that the goal is geared toward rehabilitation, rather than punishment. The penalties can still be harsh, however. As noted above, they can range from probation or treatment to placement in a juvenile facility until they turn 21, not to mention the interruption to your child’s social development and education.

We will always fight for a finding of no fault, or to minimize the penalty your child may face. We will use our experience and trial skills to fight for the best possible outcome for your child.

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