Professional License Defense Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Standing Up For Your License And Livelihood

Many professionals can only practice their craft if they are licensed to do so by the various licensing boards in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Professionals such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses and even veterinarians must stay in good standing with their licensing board if they wish to continue in their career. Addiction issues, complaints from customers and clients, as well as criminal charges can all threaten a professional’s ability to practice.

Please reach out to our professional license defense lawyers at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP if you believe your professional license is at risk for any reason.

Protecting Your Professional License In The Face Of Criminal Charges

Criminal charges in and of themselves can be frightening. However, criminal charges coupled with the possible suspension or revocation of a professional license can be overwhelming.

Your professional license could be suspended or revoked even if the criminal charges have nothing to do with your profession. For instance, a conviction for a DUI, an assault or a prescription drug crime may still place a medical professional’s license in jeopardy even though the criminal charges arose in a non- work-related setting.

For this reason, if you’re facing criminal charges that could jeopardize your professional license, don’t go it alone. Our professional license defense attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP can both defend you against criminal charges and protect your professional license.

Hire Attorneys Who Know How To Defend Your Professional License

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we have experience defending clients against professional licensure proceedings in Pennsylvania. We can advise you on the legal repercussions of new criminal charges as well as how best to communicate with the licensing board. In certain instances, it is required that you contact your respective professional board to inform them that you have been charged criminally.

Our defense lawyers can help you through the professional licensing process to make sure you comply with all of the board’s requirements. Please call us today at 610-314-7066 or e-mail us to schedule your free consultation.