Fighting Federal Tax Evasion And Tax Fraud Charges

Business-Related Charges Can Snowball

A charge of federal tax fraud generally doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Usually businesses facing this charge are already being investigated for something else, whether it’s not reporting income, taking inflated deductions, paying people under the table or a similar issue. Once those issues are under investigation, agents often then start investigating everything, which can lead to a federal tax fraud charge. These charges can quickly become complex and layered and are best handled by an experienced attorney who understands the situation and can devise a strategy to secure the best possible outcome. Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in West Chester, Pennsylvania, has the experience and legal savvy to effectively defend clients facing federal fraud and related charges. Call our firm at 610-314-7066 or reach out online to learn more.

White Collar Crimes Have Consequences

While generally no one gets assaulted or killed in white collar crime scenarios, these types of crimes are still considered serious and are treated accordingly in the criminal justice system. The penalties for federal tax fraud can include hefty fines and time in prison.

Investigators are trained to tell the difference between someone who has made a mistake in filing tax returns and someone who has willfully attempted to defraud the government by, for example:

  • Not filing a return
  • Intentionally not paying an amount due
  • Failing to report income
  • Filing a false return

An experienced defense lawyer can analyze your situation and create a strong defense strategy to protect your reputation and business interests and arrive at the best possible outcome in your situation. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the more time he or she will have to build your case against any evidence being gathered by investigators.

Start Building Your Defense Today

Don’t let investigators get ahead of you. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the better chance you have at defending your business and creating the best possible defense against federal tax fraud charges and other white collar crime charges. If you’ve already been contacted by law enforcement or the IRS, it’s imperative that you talk to a criminal defense lawyer immediately. For a strong and effective criminal defense tax lawyer in the West Chester, Pennsylvania, area, call Bellwoar Kelly, LLP at 610-314-7066 or email us to find out how we can help.