Aggressively Taking On Federal Prosecutors In Pennsylvania Conspiracy Cases

Conspiracy is likely among the most frequent charges in federal cases. The burden of proof is generally not difficult to fulfill, and these charges can be a good way to get the people at the lower levels of a criminal organization to testify against those at the top. A conviction on federal conspiracy charges can result in prison time at a federal facility as well as other penalties.

If you have been charged with conspiracy to commit a federal crime or you know that people you associate with are being investigated for one, you should contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in West Chester, we have defended numerous southeastern Pennsylvania clients in cases involving a variety of federal conspiracy charges.

Understanding How Conspiracy Works

You do not need to be involved in carrying out a criminal act to be found guilty of conspiracy. If you helped plan a crime, you conspired to commit that crime in the eyes of the law. Even an unknowing accomplice who was not involved in planning the crime can face charges for conspiracy.

If investigators approach you to talk about a case, even if they say they are just looking for information, don’t say anything without a lawyer present. Investigators are very shrewd in the way they go about getting information. If you say anything that could be interpreted to mean that you had prior knowledge of a crime, you could quickly find yourself facing conspiracy charges.

We handle cases involving conspiracy to commit all types of crimes, including:

  • Conspiracies to commit drug crimes
  • Conspiracies to defraud
  • Embezzlement conspiracies
  • RICO conspiracies
  • Conspiracies to impede or injure an officer
  • Conspiracies to commit violent crimes, including murder

Discuss Your Federal Conspiracy Defense Needs With An Attorney

Contact Bellwoar Kelly, LLP to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your case. Our Philadelphia federal conspiracy charge lawyers will conduct a thorough review of your situation and fully explain your legal options. You can reach us by phone at 610-314-7066 or via email to arrange an appointment.