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When you are engaged in business, you need to remain agile and react quickly to opportunities in order to grow your company and further your commercial interests. One of the most effective means of growing your operation is by expanding your operations through acquiring or merging with an existing company that has elements that you wish to incorporate into your business to improve it. When you are looking to engage in these expansions, you need to ensure that you have a solid team of attorneys on your side to help you draft the necessary documentation and ensure that you comply with all applicable regulations.

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP in Pennsylvania, we have been helping businesses to navigate their legal issues for decades, and our team of experienced trial attorneys and litigators have a broad knowledge base which they can apply to solving your problems. You can rely on our team to help you with your merger or corporate acquisition.

How Do Mergers And Acquisitions Differ?

Mergers and acquisitions serve two similar, but separate purposes. When two or more companies engage in a merger, then those previous companies cease to exist and a new corporation is created with the assets and liabilities of the old companies. This provides a fresh start for all parties involved as a new managing structure can be applied. Generally speaking, it is a very collaborative and cooperative process that can reduce operating costs, create new efficiencies, and raise profits.

By contrast, an acquisition differs from a merger in that it involves on company purchasing another and absorbing it into their existing structure. Normally, these tend to involve one larger corporation absorbing a smaller one, and while in many cases these can be ideal for the smaller corporation to be bought out, these can involve hostile takeovers as well. Unlike with a merger, no new corporation is created out of an acquisition.

Different Types Of Mergers And Acquisitions

There are several different ways that a company can go either merge with a new company or acquire a company’s assets.

  • Vertical mergers: In a vertical merger, two companies that operate in the same supply chain merge in order to streamline operations.
  • Horizontal mergers: In a horizontal merger, two companies in the same industry and doing the same work join together for greater efficiency.
  • Conglomerate mergers: In a conglomerate merger, two companies in different industries join together to diversity their products and increase profits.
  • Concentric mergers: This involves two companies in the same industry that make different products or services that join together to improve efficiency.
  • Stock purchase acquisitions: A stock purchase acquisition is when one company buys out a majority of shares in another company, and is sometimes called a hostile takeover.
  • Asset purchase acquisitions: An asset purchase acquisition is when a company buys out portions of a company, such as intellectual property or trade secrets without purchasing all of it.

No matter what your company is interested in, our team of skilled commercial attorneys are more than capable of advising you on the process and facilitating your strategy with effective legal representation.

Other Considerations For When You Are Considering Mergers And Acquisitions

In additional to the normal elements of mergers and acquisitions, our attorneys can help you navigate related activities and transactions that you may be engaged in. If you are considering a joint venture prior to committing to a merger, our team can help you draft an agreement to set forth the terms of your cooperation with your business partners. We can also assist you in navigating corporate governance issues, managing private equity transactions, stock or asset sales, and any other transaction you may engage in.

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