Has Your Child Been Hurt In Day Care Or Foster Care?

Day cares are supposed to provide safe and nurturing environments for children. So, too, are foster homes. Because you can’t be there to see what goes on, you have to trust that your kids are getting the attention and care they deserve.

Sometimes, however, day care and foster care providers violate that trust. It’s every parent’s nightmare to learn that your child has been harmed — especially if the harm was preventable.

You Might Have A Civil Claim

In these difficult situations, you may be able to pursue accountability through a civil claim. The facility itself could be liable for failing to take adequate steps to protect your child. Even in cases involving potentially criminal behavior such as abuse or neglect, your rights aren’t limited by the outcome of the criminal case or investigation.

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we can help you explore your options for compensation. Our lawyers handle all types of day care and foster care cases in Southeastern Pennsylvania, including:

  • Physical injuries due to unsafe premises, lack of proper supervision or other types of negligence
  • Abuse or neglect on the part of those you entrusted with your child’s care
  • Wrongful death involving the unthinkable loss of a child

You Deserve Answers

Often in these cases, you might not get a clear picture of what happened. The day care or foster care provider might give you the brushoff, adding insult to injury. It may take a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of what went wrong and who was at fault.

You can count on us to be a strong voice in your corner. As experienced advocates, our lawyers understand how to apply the right pressure in seeking answers and justice.

Discuss Your Options During A Free Consultation

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