Get Help From A Pennsylvania Construction Accident Lawyer

Getting the help you need after suffering from a construction accident can be difficult. You may feel lost and unsure of what you can do about your situation.

Here at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we believe that everyone who has suffered injuries after a construction accident should have the chance to explore their legal options. You should feel safe knowing that our Pennsylvania construction accident lawyers will do everything in their power to help you recover from your burden. We help clients who suffered injuries in Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County.

Getting The Help You Need

A lot of construction accident settlement offers are well below what a victim should receive. We don’t want you to walk away from a settlement that you are not comfortable with. A settlement should do more than just cover your medical bills and lost wages. Your injuries may last for a long time, and you should not have to worry that a settlement is not enough to cover your future. We can help you argue for a larger settlement than what you are being offered.

We also help family members of victims who were fatally injured in a construction accident. Our attorneys want to see justice for your loss and can do more than fight for a settlement.

We Handle Accidents All Across Pennsylvania

No construction injury is too small for our Pennsylvania construction accident lawyers. We want to help you get a fair settlement if you suffered injuries from:

  • Falling from a great height
  • Being buried under collapsed scaffolding or trench
  • A shock or burn from equipment, generators or electrical wires
  • Faulty protective gear, such as hard hats, safety glasses and gloves
  • Repetitive motion injuries

It hurts us to see our clients suffering from severe head and spine injuries, cuts, bruises and burns that have left them with permanent disabilities.

Learn More About Your Legal Rights With A Free Consultation

The attorneys at our West Chester, Kennett Square and Pottstown offices understand just how hard it is for people to recover from construction accidents, so we want to put you first. We offer free initial consultations and contingency fee representation. You can call us today at 610-314-7066 or start with an online contact form for free.