When You Are Charged With Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge can turn your life upside down as soon as the police are called. If the police see signs of a domestic abuse incident, they will arrest someone on the spot. In addition, once a criminal charge has been filed, the state attorney will continue to prosecute the case, even if the other party wants to drop the charges. It is essential to get experienced legal help to ensure that your rights and your reputation remain protected.

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The Impact Of Domestic Abuse Accusations

Accusations of domestic violence will often result in a restraining order that prevents you from contacting the alleged victim or you will have to abide by several terms and conditions, including:

  • Prohibitions against returning home
  • No contact with your children
  • No possession of firearms or other weapons
  • No alcohol

Skilled Guidance Through The Legal System

When you meet with us, we will thoroughly review the circumstances leading up to your arrest. We will let you know about the strategies we can use to best defend your rights. If your alleged actions were committed in self-defense or if your spouse or partner is making false accusations, we will make sure the court understands this. We will ensure that you are given the information you need to help you choose the best options for moving forward.

Are You Facing Allegations Of Abuse? Contact Our Defense Lawyers.

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